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A Home Away From Home When You Or A Loved One Needs Medical Care.

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A Jubilee Ministry of The Episcopal Church


Close the funding gap of $19,655 for 2014!  

Thank you Good Giving Online Challenge donors!  $1,865 was raised to close our funding gap for 2014.

Listen to how your support changes lives!

St Agnes’ House provides physical, emotional, spiritual and economic respite during a difficult time in the lives of our guests. While we always appreciate donations, the $10 per person per night fee we ask for is not required and can be waived or even sponsored by some of the donations the house receives. We are called to help those in great need and provide for them the emotional and spiritual support of a home during their period of recovery  or moments of worry for their loved ones. Our staff and volunteers are pleased to assist guests with their needs.


  • See the Get Involved page for all of the ways you can contribute to St. Agnes’ House.  
  • Do you have a Kroger PLUS Card?  Link your card to St. Agnes’ House and every purchase provides a donation to St. Agnes’ House!  St. Agnes’ House Kroger number is 10910.  Go to our Get Involved Page for detailed instructions.
  • Our budget for 2014 is $107,112.  In addition, we rely upon in-kind donations of cleaning and office supplies. Help Close the Funding Gap Today! Donate online!
As of December 9, we have a funding gap of $19, 655 for our 2014 Budget!

As of December 9, we have a funding gap of $19, 655 for our 2014 Budget!

A View From the Porch (December 18, 2014)

Yesterday in Corbin, I had a chance to see Santa!  But more importantly, I witnessed people caring for the people in their community.  I went to visit Corbin’s United Effort, locally known as CUE.

CUE is one of those agencies you’re lucky to have in your community.  They know about all of the services available in a community and are often the way to access those services.  CUE provides a place for people to get GED and remedial courses and then helps people access the next level in their education.  They provide access to the local food banks.  They provide that extra help with rent or utilities.  And they generally help in any way they can.

Over the past month, CUE has collected information from families for their annual Christmas gift program.  Presents are bought and lovingly wrapped.  Families come and get to see Santa and even get a photo taken.  They receive their gifts.  Then the children can pick out a gift for their parent and get a treat bag.

As one person remarked, working at CUE, you see the face of poverty.  They do the best they can with often limited resources and have great dreams of how many more people they could help with more money.

And at St. Agnes’ House, we often see the face of poverty as people are challenged to get to Lexington for the medical treatment they so desperately need or to be with their loved one who is critically ill.  Like CUE we want to meet our yearly budget and grow.

Financial growth would allow us to complete necessary repairs and upgrades to the facility.  We need to replace windows, room heaters, faucets, and flooring.  We want to provide sheets, towels, pillows, and blankets that stand up to the washings and meet hospitality standards and we want enough sets to account for the turnover of our guests.

With your support, we look into the face of poverty and offer compassion, support and relief.  We make a community of care that we all want!

Blessings to you in this special time of year.

Love, Rebecca+

Thanks Corbin's United Effort (CUE) for your love of the community!

Thanks Corbin’s United Effort (CUE) for your love of the community!

Today’s the Day! Stretch your donation and benefit St. Agnes’ House! #GoodGiving2014

Beginning at 11:59am, your donation of $10-$1,000 will be matched $.50 for each dollar.  Your $10 donation is worth $15.00 until the match pool of $100,000 from the Mitchell Family Foundation is exhausted!  Your gift goes further today to ensure people coming to Lexington for medical treatment have a place to stay.  Go Lady Cats!

And enjoy this special message from Coach Mitchell!

A View from the Porch (December 10, 2014)

Guarantee Pest Control leaves their monthly receipt that they've been here.  They've been donating pest control services for over 11 years!

Guarantee Pest Control leaves their monthly receipt that they’ve been here. They’ve been donating pest control services for over 11 years!

When I arrived to St. Agnes’ House this week, a familiar yellow sheet was sticking out of the box beneath the fire alarm system.  Every month, this sheet is deposited in the box.  For over 11 years, Guarantee Pest Control comes every month to provide pest control services for the house.

Most of the time, I don’t see the technician who comes, but I know they’ve been here because there’s the yellow sheet in the box.  It’s comforting to know this important service has been done, and especially awe inspiring that is is freely and generously provided.  Thanks Guarantee Pest Control for ensuring our facility is inviting and free from unwanted pests!

Blessings to you and enjoy our View From the Porch!

Love, Rebecca+

Spiritual Care is Important!

When experiencing a medical crisis, it can be easy to forget to pay attention to your spiritual health.  At St. Agnes’ House, we provide lots of resources for our guests.  In addition to our regular schedule of Morning Prayer (usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), organizations have generously donated materials to help our guests.

A grant form the Church Periodical Club bought these Books of Common Prayer to place in each room and to distribute to guests who would like to have one.

A grant form the Church Periodical Club bought these Books of Common Prayer to place in each room and to distribute to guests who would like to have one.

Mr. Earl Gill donated these Bibles for us to distribute.

Mr. Earl Gill donated these Bibles for us to distribute.

Forward Movement donated publications to help our guests.

Forward Movement donated publications to help our guests.

The Seventh Day Adventists have donated literature for guests.

The Seventh Day Adventists have donated literature for guests.

Thank you for keeping St. Agnes’ House Open during 2014!
$87,456.60 raised by December 9. Funding gap of $19.655.40 remains for 2014 budget year.

Thanks to your generosity, we’ve funded 81% of our 2014 budget so far, providing safe, comfortable lodging for people like Patricia.  Patricia is in her early 60s, about 5’5″ tall and with blonde hair.  She’s stayed at St. Agnes’ House many times in the past ten years.  First her husband had medical problems and earlier this year, he died.  Patricia was able to be with her husband during those difficult last days of his life, because she could stay at St. Agnes’ House.

Recently, Patricia has had some of her own health issues and returned to us so she could easily get the medical care she needs.  She said it’s hard to return here, because the last time she was here was when her husband died, so coming once again brings back those memories.  At the same time, she is grateful for St. Agnes’ House and a nice, convenient, and safe place to stay for she and her friends who are caring for her.  She can get the medical care she needs.

  • There are still ways to donate to St. Agnes’ House and help close our funding gap:
    Through Friday, December 12, donate online through our Good Giving Challenge page:
  • Donate online any time at:
  • Link your Kroger Rewards Card to St. Agnes’ House.  We are organization 10910.
  • Purchase from Amazon through and choose to donate to the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington for a portion of your purchase to go to the ministries of the Diocese.
  • Mail a donation to St. Agnes’ House, c/o Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, PO Box 610, Lexington, KY, 40588-0610.
The sun isn't shining, but the porch welcomes you to St. Agnes' House.

The sun isn’t shining, but the porch welcomes you to St. Agnes’ House.

Gray day....

Gray day….

 A quiet day.  Soon classes at UK will be finished.

A quiet day. Soon classes at UK will be finished.

Your Dollars go further! December 11, Buzzer Beater Challenge #GoodGiving2014

  • Thursday, December 11 – Friday, December 12, Buzzer Beater Challenge. The challenge is coming to an end, yet your donations of $10 – $1,000 go further as the Mitchell Family Foundation matches $.50 on each dollar until the $100,000 match pool is gone.  The Challenge begins at 11:59am on Thursday, December 11, and goes until the match pool is exhausted.  The Good Giving 2014 Challenge ends at 11:59pm, Friday, December 12.

Thanks to #Starbucks for Supporting the #GoodGivingGuideChallenge!

Today at each Starbucks location in Lexington, you’ll receive more information about the Good Giving Guide Challenge.  You can pick up a Guide at your favorite Starbucks and you’ll receive a special sleeve for your coffee.  All of these are reminders that you can help St. Agnes’ House close the 2014 funding gap!

Starbucks on S. Broadway already provides a wonderful donation of pastries each week to our guests.  Take a moment to visit and thank them for their support!

And don’t forget to make your donation!  Donate Here:

Your purchase at Good Foods Market & Cafe today helps St. Agnes’ House!

Good Foods Market and Cafe is donating 25% of all sales to the GoodGiving Guide Challenge!  Visit the cafe’ for a meal from 8am – 10pm and in addition to a great meal, you will give to great causes!

Thursday, December 4
GoodFoods Market & Café Giving Day
Thursday, December 4, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
455 Southland Drive, Lexington
25% of all sales at Good Foods Market & Café on Thursday, December 4 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (operating hours) will be donated to the GoodGiving Guide Challenge. Visit the café for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

A View From the Porch (December 4, 2014)

The View from the porch this week is from June’s house.  June is in her 60s, about 5’6″ tall, with short, light hair.  Because of a health condition, she is constantly on oxygen.  June loves Santas and recently had a holiday open house for her friends.  There were Santas everywhere — on posters, hanging from the ceiling, lit by lamps.  You think you’d seen them all, and you’d look again and another one would appear.

But as much as June loves Santas, she also loves St. Agnes’ House.  Throughout the year, June brings me envelopes filled with donations from various groups and events.  Most recently, her Red Hat group took up a donation for the House.  June uses every opportunity she knows to talk about St. Agnes’ House.  She asks me to come speak to her friends and soon after, there’s a donation on its way.

You see, June knows firsthand about the importance of St. Agnes’ House.  It’s been a place of comfort for her many times over the past 15 years.  When she was in need of critical medical care, she stayed here for many weeks.  That care has allowed her to be at home.  Now she comes for medical appointments.

But I first met June when I arrived in August, 2013.  June’s husband was very sick and eventually, the doctors discovered inoperable cancer.  Her husband went to hospice here in Lexington.  While June stayed with him much of the time, she had a room here at the house.  I’d see her a couple of hours each day.  She’d come to the house to have a snack, get some coffee, pray in the chapel, and take a short nap.  Then back to the hospice she’d go.  St. Agnes’ House made those last days with her husband just a little easier.

June has become an Ambassador for St. Agnes’ House because of the comfort and care she found here….comfort and care available because of your donations.  Enjoy this view of June’s porch….

Love, Rebecca+

Thanks for all of your donations to close our funding gap for 2014.  The Good Giving Online Challenge has contributed $1,750 so far.  The challenge ends next week, Friday, December 12.  And you should have received our latest letter in the mail.  During this special season of gifts and giving, we thank you for including St. Agnes’ House on your list!

June loves Santas AND St. Agnes' House.

June loves Santas AND St. Agnes’ House.

If you’re 18-35, donate to St. Agnes’ House today and help us raise more money!

If we have the most donors 18-35 this morning, your dollars may go further.  Donations of $25 or more and giving your date of birth are required for us to be eligible for the prizes below!  Help close the funding gap!  Go here to donate:

Wednesday, December 3
Most Young Donors (35 & Under) Challenge
Wednesday, December 3, 9:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.
Three nonprofits with the most donors 35 and under making donations of $25 or more on
Wednesday, December 3 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. will win the following prizes:
First place: $1,000 prize and an iPad mini
Second place: $750 prize
Third place: $250 prizeBrought to you by the following Blue Grass Community Foundation Giving Funds and Sponsor:
 Evalyn and Lilla Barnwell Fund
 Give Into The Groove Foundation
 iPad mini sponsored by Viamedia
Note: Donors must fill in the “Year Born” field at checkout to qualify.

Your Donation Today can Go Farther! #GoodGivingChallenge

Today is Giving Tuesday!  Join millions of others in this national day of giving.  If we have the most donors today ($25 or more and raise $1,000), we’ll receive an additional $1,000!  Your donation can be doubled today.  Forty donors of $25 each raise $1,000 and significantly reduce our funding gap for 2014!  Donate here:

Tuesday, December 2

Giving Tuesday Challenge
Tuesday, December 2, 9:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.
The top ten organizations with the most donors (new or repeat) who give $25 or more on
Tuesday, December 2 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. will each win a $1,000 prize. Winning organizations must raise at least $1,000 and have the most donors to be eligible.
Brought to you by Blue Grass Community Foundation and the following BGCF Giving Funds:
 Community Initiatives Fund
 Cornelia and Derek Vaughan Foundation
 Global Advancement, LLC
 Morgan/Novak Foundation
 Saykaly Garbulinska Family Foundation
 Scariot Foundation

Give to St. Agnes’ House today and we could receive a Lexmark Printer!

Today is the Lexmark Printer Challenge.  If St. Agnes’ House received $500 or more between 9am and 11:59am, we can win a Lexmark high end printer.  One of the best office printers I ever had was a Lexmark.  It ran and ran and produced beautiful copies.  So, what a great addition it would be to the office AND in the process, we’d lower our funding gap of $28,500 for 2014.  Consider a gift this morning!

Donate here:


Monday, December 1
Lexmark Printer Challenge
Monday, December 1, 9:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.

Every nonprofit that raises $500 or more between 9:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Monday,
December 1 will win a high end printer from Lexmark. Winners will pick up their printers at
Lexmark on a specified date.  A complete list of available printers and pick up details will be provided to the winners.