The View from the Porch April 24, 2014 #StAgnesHouse


St. Agnes’ House continues to be full with guests who are very grateful for a place to lay their heads.  Yesterday, four women arrived.  We had rooms only for 2 nights and they must stay in Lexington longer than that, but they were so grateful for the couple of nights of true rest, rather than the chairs in the hospital waiting room or sleeping in their car.  I could hear them relaxing on the patio soon after check-in, chatting away.

I was compiling some information yesterday, especially regarding the people we’ve served from Kentucky counties in Appalachia.  Already this year, some guests have needed to stay 93 days or 3 months!  We’ve provided 636 room nights for people from these counties.

It’s your support by prayers and donations that allow this ministry to continue.  Thank you and enjoy our view from the porch!

The Rev. Rebecca Myers, CSW
Executive Director

April 23, 2014 20140423_124014


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