A View From The Porch (April 30, 2014) #StAgnesHouse

Right now, the House seems just a little quieter.  We rejoice with our guests who were able to check-out because their loved one was discharged from the hospital.  In addition, over the next few days, we are not taking any new check-ins.

Tomorrow and Friday, Mary and Reynold will be representing St. Agnes’ House at the Annual Affiliates’ Gathering for organizations funded by the Berea College Appalachian Fund.  They have been asked to make a presentation about St. Agnes’ House to the other groups that have been funded.  We are grateful for the longtime and generous funding from the Foundation and excited to share our story.

Soon after, Reynold leaves for a trip to Haiti see his family.  He has not been to visit in ten years!  Please pray for his safe travel and for he and his family as they visit with each other.

Last Saturday, painters arrived from The Church of the Resurrection to paint Room 102.  Great job!  Four bedrooms and three bathrooms remain to be painted, as well as hallways and staff living area.  If you’d like to paint, call us.  Everything looks so nice with the new coat of paint!

Earlier this week Bishop Hahn and I met with a potential grant funder.  Having the meeting was a good sign.  We will know whether we’ve received the funding requested by mid-August.  And it’s always good to share the St. Agnes’ story and mission with people.

Yesterday, I met with Jason Swanson, an Assistant Professor from the UK Hospitality and Tourism Program.  We toured the House and talked about the various ways he and the students he teaches may be able to help St. Agnes’ House.  Even basics, like what kind of pillows and sheets should we buy, given the hard use they get at the house, would be great to discuss with Dr. Swanson.

Caitlyn, Kayla, and Lindsey, our UK Service Learning Student Volunteers, finished their volunteer time with us this week.  In addition to their weekly volunteering, the students are required to do a project that provides a lasting impact for the organization.  The Fall volunteers redesigned our website.  Caitlyn, Kayla, and Lindsey focused on recruitment of more volunteers.  They created a VolunteerMatch page, as well as an informational video.  Check out our Volunteer Info tab to see the video.  Thanks Caitlyn, Kayla and Lindsey for all of your work this semester and for leaving us something we can really use!

Thanks for all of your support.  This week we’ve received a number of pillows and a set of sheets came from Amazon.  Good Shepherd Prayer Shawl Ministry dropped off another prayer shawl.  And we’ve received great donations from longtime and new supporters.  We are grateful for the abundance of support we receive.

A fundraising mailing will be sent today.  We need to raise $85,000 by the end of the year to fully fund St. Agnes’ House.  We hope you will consider helping us close the gap.

Blessings and enjoy our view from the porch….


View from St. Agnes' House porch
View from St. Agnes’ House porch

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