A View From the Porch (May 8, 2014)


The peonies are beginning to bloom.  I love this flower for its color, but mostly for its scent.  I’ve been tempted to pick the lone flower that’s blooming right now, yet feel that’d be selfish, so I just go outside every so often and admire its beauty and take a whiff of its scent.

This week Ronald McDonald House has reopened and the frenzy of the past 4 months has slowed. Some of our guests have moved to Ronald McDonald House.  We hope they are able to take their little ones home soon.

A number of our current guests have adult children facing critical and challenging health and rehabilitation issues.  We all know how heartbreaking it is for parents to contemplate the death of their children, no matter their age.  Yet, these parents are relentless in being by their child’s side, supporting them however they can, holding hope for restoration of health.  Please pray for them and for all of our guests at St. Agnes’ House.

Recently, we’ve received Prayer Shawls from ministries at Trinity Episcopal Church, Covington; St. Andrew’s, Ft. Thomas; and Good Shepherd, Lexington.  The parents have treasured these shawls, being grateful for the love, care and prayers that went into creating them, as well as the blessings bestowed upon them.  Not only are they beautiful, they are a physical reminder that others care…that strangers care.

Mary and Reynold Alcius represented St. Agnes’ House at the Annual Affiliates’ Gathering for organizations supported by the Berea College Appalachian Fund.  Mary and Reynold made a powerpoint presentation about the ministry, which was well received.  They said they enjoyed meeting the others funded by this generous Foundation.

Finally, many of you have received our recent fundraising mailing and in a matter of days, you have responded with over $2,000 in donations!  Thank you for this tangible evidence of love and care for the ministry of St. Agnes’ House.

Blessings to you and enjoy a view from the porch!


20140508 view from porch 20140508_074632 20140508_074607 20140508 far view of peony


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