A View from the Porch May 15, 2014

Today I am meditating on the word “abundance.”  St. Agnes’ House is definitely a recipient of an abundance of blessings.

Our recent mailing has already provided $1,000 over the cost of the mailing from 43 donors, for a total of $4,265.

A box arrived this week with toiletries collected by the Daughters of the King of Trinity, Danville, giving us plenty of items to give to our lodgers.

Trinity, Covington has contacted us about doing more work in the house, possibly adopting a floor.  Another supporter told me she’d like to adopt a room.

One of our lodgers just wrote a glowing review of the House on our Facebook page.  People have sent us notes with their contributions, telling us of the gratitude they feel for the House or that they were in a situation of needing such a ministry and know the importance and value of it.

And as I sat down to write this, Barbara came in to pay for her stay.  She is in her 60s,. medium height, with short blonde hair and ruddy colored skin.  Her husband is in the hospital.  At first she apologized, saying maybe she owed us more.  I assured her that whatever she was able to contribute was appreciated.  Then she said, emphatically and in a loud voice, “This place is a blessing.  I am so grateful it is here.”  She went on to explain the up and down journey of her husband’s illness.  Two days ago, they removed him from a machine and told her he’d have 24 hours to live.  Yesterday, he was up sitting in a chair!

“This place allows me to come and get a good rest, get something to eat and get a shower,” she went on.  “I don’t know what I’d do without being able to stay here.”

Thank you for all you do to make sure people like Barbara have a place of comfort and rest during challenging times.  Please pray for all of the guests and staff at St. Agnes’ House!

Enjoy our view from the porch today…a rainy day.  The abundance of rain and sun have encouraged the roses to bloom and more peonies, too.

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