A View from the Porch – May 28, 2014

Today I am thinking about rhythms.  While these photos from the porch give you a two-dimensional and in-color image, what you can’t “see” are the sounds.  All of the birds singing.  You can’t hear the trucks and cars coming and going next door as the University of Kentucky Business Department temporarily relocates to the buildings next door (once the Lexington Theological Seminary).  You can’t hear the quiet on the street, because the University of Kentucky is in summer mode, so there aren’t as many students walking to classes each morning.

The photos do show you the rhythms in the flowers blooming.  The peonies are over, their blooms browning in the sun.  A purple clematis has climbed a rose bush and bloomed midst the red roses.  The color of the hilly front garden has changed from peony pink to lavender.

And the rhythm of the house is shifting.  Emergencies and accidents continue to happen to people, yet elective procedures and doctors’ visits are postponed.  More of our guests require only a short stay.  The rhythm has shifted from many-weeks guests to much more coming and going.  This means staff have more cleaning to do.  More sheets to change.  More towels to change.  More people to greet.

And just like God, we and the house require a time of rest…a sabbath.  We took that over the holiday weekend.  No new check-ins for a few days.

It’s hard to do, these sabbath times.  Ask your priest or pastor.  It’s hard knowing someone might be sleeping in their car or in the waiting room.  Yet, the sabbath times prepare us for the intense work to come.  They re-energize us.  They help us focus on the work we need to do.

Pay attention to the rhythms in your world.  Do they include the time of sabbath?

Thank you for praying for the ministry of St. Agnes’ House and for all of those who are guests here.

We are in need of:

Hand Towels
Wash Cloths
Pillow cases
Fitted Double Sheets

As you can imagine, these items get hard use.  They become stained or break down from the heavy laundering required for a clean, healthy stay.  You can find these items on our Amazon Wish List or buy your favorite and drop them off or mail them to us.

With your generous support, we have raised over $6,000 from our recent mailing. Your donations ensure that lodging is available for people in challenging and chaotic times in their lives.  They can sleep in a bed, rather than in a waiting room chair or their car.  Each dollar gets us closer to meeting our budget of $104,000 for this year.

Blessings and peace as you go through the rest of your week.  Enjoy our view from the porch.

Love, Rebecca+

The quiet street since the University of Kentucky is in summer mode.
The quiet street since the University of Kentucky is in summer mode.
From peony pink to lavender
From peony pink to lavender
There is a purple clematis in this photo!
There is a purple clematis in this photo!



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