A View From the Porch (July 9, 2014)

Today I’m thinking about hope…that thing that we cannot hold, yet undergirds our very being.  St. Agnes’ House is filled with hope.  Yes, people are going through some of the most difficult challenges in their lives, so there is chaos, fear, and uncertainty.  At the same time, they hold great hope… for a cure…that the medical treatment will work…that they or their loved one can go home… that life will be better than it has been recently.

St. Agnes’ House contributes to that hope.  There is a community here to share the good days and the difficult days.  There is peace and quiet here.  There is a good night’s sleep here.  The worry of where to stay and how to afford a place to stay is gone.  The worry of how to get back and forth to the hospital is gone.

Hope changes, of course.  Sometimes there is no cure or no treatment.  Sometimes the improvement is not much.  Even so, St. Agnes’ House allowed worry to be decreased so hope could be increased!

Enjoy our view from the porch!  I’ve included some photos from the patio,too.  Guests are gathering here frequently throughout the day and evening, enjoying each others’ company and the inviting space.

Blessings to you!


Donations Needed!

Remember to check our Amazon Wish List for items to donate.  You can buy them from Amazon and have them shipped directly to us.  Some items allow you to subscribe, so the item will be sent each month.  Or go to your favorite store to purchase items and drop them off a the House.  Mary says many of the dollar discount stores have cleaning items at great prices.

Currently we need:  Lysol Spray, Clorox cleaning wipes, All purpose cleaner, shower cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bleach, fabric dryer sheets, floor cleaner, and hand soap.

THANKS so much!

Volunteers Needed to pick up Chipotle and Starbucks donations!

Consider volunteering at St. Agnes’ House.  Information is available on our volunteer page.  There are a variety of tasks, requiring a variety of skills.

Currently, we are in need of people to pick up our Starbucks and Chipotle donations and bring them to the House.  Both stores are close to St. Agnes’ House.

Chipotle, 345 S. Limestone:  Every Monday and Friday between 8:30-10:00am.  Donations consist of meat.  Bring to house and place in refrigerator.

Starbucks, 870 S. Broadway (near Virginia Ave.):  Every Monday, any time.  Donations consist of pastries.  Bring to house.  If you have time, bag items and place in freezer for guests.  Count items for weekly donation report.

Please contact Mary at 859-396-4603 if you are interested, even if you could do only one day or even a month.

The flowers and swing create an enjoyable resting place.
The flowers and swing create an enjoyable resting place.


The patio is an inviting gathering place after a day at the hospital.
The patio is an inviting gathering place after a day at the hospital.
Can you find the sunflower?
Can you find the sunflower?



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