A View From the Porch (July 16, 2014)

Outside, it’s noisy.  The University of Kentucky Business Hall has moved into the former Lexington Theological Seminary.  Mandrell Hall is the name of the building right next to us.  The move-in was quiet and there is more activity…more cars in and out of the parking lot and more people around the building.  This week, they’ve been doing some major work outside with big equipment and like good construction people, they start fairly early in the morning.

Change is evident.  Very little remains the same, yet many of us find change very difficult.  Last night on Charlie Rose, I was listening to Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, speak about the importance of people who are adapters.

Well, St. Agnes’ House is certainly an adapter.  Started and focused on assisting people who came to Lexington for cobalt treatments for cancer, the services changed as cancer treatment changed.  Then Ronald McDonald House opened caring for children and their families.  Then Hope Lodge opened for people needing to come to Lexington for cancer treatment.  And cancer treatment became more widely available in peoples’ home communities.

Yet…there was still a need for St. Agnes’ House!  This year so far, we have an average 76% occupancy rate.  We’ve provided 1381 room nights of lodging!  And let me tell you, medical care and treatment has many variables in it.  Some people cannot come to Lexington unless they have lodging, so treatment is delayed.  Unexpected complications arise so people need to stay longer.  Sometimes people recover faster and leave early.  We work hard to be supportive and caring and flexible.  Sometimes we start the week with a full house and with all of the variables, end the week with available and empty rooms.

Sometimes we don’t see the people staying here.  They are at the hospital much of the day and late into the evening.  Sometimes there is a crowd, sharing meals together and supporting each other.

Thanks to so many of you, St. Agnes’ House is still available to those facing these difficult challenges.  That is one thing that hasn’t changed in 40 years.  But just about everything else has needed to adapt!

Enjoy our View From the Porch!

Love, Rebecca+


Sixteen new pillows for our beds.  We use 32 pillows in our 9 rooms.
Sixteen new pillows for our beds. We use 32 pillows in our 9 rooms.

Imagine how much use these pillows get!  We need 32 pillows for each bed spot in the house (that’s 2 pillows per spot)!  Recently a generous donor sent us 16 pillows!  More pillows were donated last month, so we have about 21 of the 32 we’d like to have.  Also, thanks to a donor who gave us an Amazon Gift Card, we purchased 16 pillow covers to extend the life of these pillows.  Just need 16 more….

Takes quite a lot of sheets, towels, blankets and pillows to accommodate our guests.  They appreciate the lovely look of the rooms when they come… the welcome they receive.  We constantly hear how grateful they are to be able to stay here.  And thanks to the pillow donors, they not only have a place to lay their heads, but a pillow to put underneath them.

Find out what else it takes to run St. Agnes’ House 9 guest rooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 2 living rooms, plus staff quarters!  Visit our Amazon Wish List.

20140716_093301 20140716_093253

If you look closely, you can see the construction equipment next door.
If you look closely, you can see the construction equipment next door.
The pretty Marigolds...
The pretty Marigolds…



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