A View from the Porch – August 20, 2014

Today I’m grateful for passionate Board of Oversight members.  The Board of Oversight is nominated by the Bishop and approved at the Diocese of Lexington Annual Convention.  They provide ongoing leadership for St. Agnes’ House.  The current Board includes Sharon Holbrook, Chair; Justin Cline, Donna Goff, Flo Mayer, and The Rev. Anisa Willis.  They meet at least four times a year and take on a variety of tasks important for the ministry.

We met by conference call last night.  Everyone was on the call, showing their commitment to the ministry.  We had good discussions regarding how the board needs to operate, including the expectation that members of the Board now and in the future would be expected to make financial contributions to the ministry, kind of like having a pledge drive.  The discussion was important, especially in understanding that some people may have few financial resources, but have other resources of time, commitment and passion that would be important to the ministry and the Board.

We discussed spiritual issues.  We already receive donations of Guideposts magazines. Could we make Bibles and Books of Common Prayer available to our guests who would find them helpful?  Someone recommended trying to get Forward Day by Day meditation books.  Before the call was over, we’d secured those booklets.

We started and ended with prayer and discussed things that we could pray for for the ministry.  Ideas and information for fundraising were presented and discussed.

The meeting was energizing and uplifting.  Today, I’m feeling gratitude for this Board and hope you join me in thanking them for the service they perform.

Enjoy our view from the porch!

20140820_102505[1] 20140820_102512[1]


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