A View From the Porch (September 4, 2014)

My schedule has changed and I’m adjusting.  I now spend 50% of my work time at St. Agnes’ House and 50% of my time at St. John’s Corbin.  I’ve decided to try a schedule of one week in Corbin and one week at St. Agnes’ House.  Work doesn’t occur that neatly, so of course, no matter where I am, I tend to do work for both places.

I’m still getting used to the change.  I enjoyed having a Sunday where I wasn’t focused on all of the things I needed to do to go to Lexington.  Each time I leave, I need to make sure my laundry is done, the trash is emptied, the dishes are all done, the AC and/or heat is adjusted and everything I’ll need is in the car.

I’m enjoying having a larger chunk of time in each place, but also realize I need to think about what is due in the next two weeks.  There are a number of important grants due in October and lots of activities I’m required to attend during September and October, so getting everything done and in on time is a challenge.

One activity that helps me is the Network.  I am a Network priest, which means I am provided with monthly face-to-face group supervision, learning activities, a mentor, and other supports.  Today was our first meeting of the Network participants for the program year.  Last year, we decided to end each of our meetings with a Eucharist and today was my day to celebrate.  So, enjoy my view from the porch of this wonderful and supportive group that is important in helping me give my best to St. Agnes’ House.

Love, Rebecca+

The Network celebrates together.
The Network celebrates together.



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