A View From The Porch (September 18, 2014)

This week I’m in Corbin.  Yesterday, Mary sent me some exciting photos.  Now, you may not think they are as exciting as I do.  They are photos of the back steps to the “back house.”

The steps are concrete and who knows how long they’ve carried the many feet in and out of the house.  They are right by the parking lot.  They’re heavily used, in other words.  Well, their age, coupled with the harsh winter snows and ice just about did them in.  The concrete had “melted” away in places, leaving only stones.  The metal bars that strengthened the steps were exposed and tinging the surrounding concrete with red.

We’d gotten quotes to fix them, but didn’t have it in our budget to do this year.  So, I put the cost in a grant proposal and prayed the steps could last another winter.

But Donnie and Reynold had other plans!  Donnie, in his late 40s, tall and thin with dark brown hair, is staying at St. Agnes’ House with his wife.  They have a little baby in the NICU.  Donnie knows construction and he knows concrete.  He insisted he could fix up the stairs, including strengthening the hand railing, which had eroded at its base.

Last week Donnie and I went to Home Depot.  Interestingly enough (a God thing?), there was a salesman demonstrating a special concrete product.  It was much more expensive, but had properties that regular cement doesn’t have.  After further discussions, Donnie decided to try it out.

Even though the day wasn’t the best, Donnie couldn’t wait and had to begin.  His son had come by to drop off some concrete fixing tools for him, so he was all set. He fixed the worst step and it looked great.  He was pleased with the results.  We agreed we should use this product to coat the entire staircase.

Over the weekend, Reynold contacted me that more supplies were needed and off they went.  The result is what you see in the photos below.

I’m not sure if Donnie signed his handiwork and the many feet who will safely use those stairs will never know of his gift and craftmanship.  Donnie is an example to all of us to use our God-given talents and skills wherever they are needed and to use them generously and cheerfully.  Thanks! Donnie.

Enjoy this view from the back porch!

Love, Rebecca+

Link your Kroger PLUS Card to St. Agnes’ House, organization 10910

Kroger has changed their donation process to nonprofit organizations.  Now you can link our Rewards card to your favorite charity, if that charity has signed up to receive donations.  St. Agnes’ House is organization 10910.

For detailed instructions, see our Get Involved Page

Fundraising Letter in the Mail Soon!

Our next funding appeal will be in the mail to you soon.  Best practice in fund development is to mail at least four times a year and we are following that best practice.  You’ll learn about one of our recent guests and be asked to close our funding gap for the year.  A similar letter is being mailed to nearly 1300 churches in Eastern Kentucky letting them know about this important ministry and asking for their support.

What beautiful looking stairs to greet our guests.
What beautiful looking stairs to greet our guests.
Notice the concrete forms on the hand railing, molded from soda cups!
Notice the concrete forms on the hand railing, molded from soda cups!

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