A View from the Porch (October 21, 2014)

Walking confidently into the unknown.  (Photo by S. Brown)
Walking confidently into the unknown. (Photo by S. Brown)

This morning my son sent me this photo.  My grandson is walking to the bus stop.  I love this photo, though, because it says so much about our lives, doesn’t it?

Life is a lot like walking into the fog.  In the fog, we can only see a little bit ahead.  From afar, everything looks hazy, but sometimes as we get closer, things look clearer.  If we’re familiar with the road or path, we aren’t as timid, because we’ve gone this way many times.  We move through the fog with confidence.

Every day at St. Agnes’ House, we make the path a little clearer for people dealing with unexpected health crises.  For what serious medical issue is truly expected?  When it becomes clear you must stay many miles away from home for days or weeks, how do you construct and reimagine your life?  St. Agnes’ House provides some structure and the most basic needs of sheets for your comfortable bed; towels and wash cloths for that refreshing shower; a kitchen to cook in and refrigerator and cupboard to store your food; a laundry so you can have fresh clothes.

And a chapel and a praying community.  You see, we walk confidently in the fog, not because we can clearly see the path to our destination, but because we know our destination is into the loving arms of God.

Blessings and peace to you this day.

This post is a day early, because I am taking a short vacation to the mountains.  Enjoy our view from the porch!

Love, Rebecca+

Fall Fundraising Letter raises over $10,000 to date!

Thanks to the 66 people who have contributed so far.  The amount raised keeps the house operating for 36 days!  We need to raise $30,000 by December 31, to meet our operating costs.  There are many options to contribute:

1.  Mail in a payment with check or credit card.
2.  Link your Kroger Rewards Card to St. Agnes’ House.  Our organization number is 10910.
3.  Participate in the Good Giving 2014 Online challenge, making an online donation at the website from November 3- December 12.  On certain days, there will be special prizes for the most dollars raised.

Thanks for the in-kind donations!

From our request last week, we’ve received anonymous donations through Amazon of trash bags and dryer sheets.  We also received donations of toilet paper, puzzle books and personal care supplies.  These in-kind donations allow us to stretch our budget.  We continue to be in need of the following:

Dryer Sheets
Lysol Spray
Shower Cleaner
Laundry Soap
Trash bags

From a grateful guest…

I want to thank you for letting me stay here.  You guys are angels on earth.  I honestly don’t know what we would have done without you….  You are very special people.  Thank you for all that you have done.  Just a simple hello to make me smile goes a long way.  We will pay the fee, but even with that, I still don’t know how I can truly ever repay you.  Give us time to get situated and we will do more.  What you do here is an awesome thing and you are way good at it.  I have also met some wonderful guests that I will be lifelong friends with.  I am so blessed to have others to talk to who understand what I am going through and how I feel.  I can keep writing about how much of a blessing the St. Agnes’ House is.  Thank you so very much for helping not only me, but my family during our time of need.

A gray early morning....
A gray early morning….
The leaves are nearly off the trees.
The leaves are nearly off the trees.



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