A View From the Porch (October 29, 2014)

Last week I received an email through the website from a former guest.  Marcy’s brother was in the ICU at University of Kentucky.  What was supposed to be a 2-week stay turned into a nearly 2-month stay.  Marcy was there as her brother was dying.  We barely saw her, because she’d leave early each morning and stay with her brother late into the night.

Months later, she wrote how much it meant to have the care and love of St. Agnes’ House during this very difficult time.  I’ve used Marcy’s email in our final fundraising appeal for the year, so many of you will receive it in the mail.

When I emailed Marcy to see if it was okay to use her testimony, her words moved me to tears.  She said:

I could write a book about my days at U.K. and St. Agnes House.Please use my name address,telephone number-anything -if I can be of help to you.I tell everyone what a great place you have.I cannot find the words to express what it meant to me to be able to stay with [my brother] and for him to see me every day and that’s what kept him fighting. He was always there for me and I was always there for him.

She’s right, sometimes there are no words….

Enjoy our view from the porch this week:  photos of members of Trinity Episcopal Church, Covington, work day at St. Agnes’ House.

Love, Rebecca+

Get ready for the Good Giving Online Challenge, Nov. 3 – Dec. 12

St. Agnes’ House is one of 155 charities chosen for the Good Giving Online Challenge. From November 3 through December 12, your donations can go further because of a variety of matches.  The Board and Friends of St. Agnes’ House will match dollar for dollar for the first $500 given.  And throughout the time, there are a variety of additional challenges.  Check our Facebook, Twitter and Website to learn about the ways to stretch your year-end donation to St. Agnes’ House.

Go to http://www.bggives.org to participate in this challenge.  Donations can be made by credit card or ACH checking account withdrawal.

If you’re in Lexington on Monday, November 3, join us at West Sixth Brewing, 4-8pm for the Launch Party.  Have fun and provide more donations to us!

Monday, November 3, 2014, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
West Sixth Brewing Company
501 West 6th Street, Lexington, KY

West Sixth Brewing will donate a total of $3000 in prize money to nonprofits in this year’s Challenge. How much will your organization receive of that pool? That’s up to your friends and supporters.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each person will receive 2 tokens at the door — up to a total of 2000 tokens
  • Each person will receive a token with the purchase of any drink (soda or beer) — up to 1000 tokens
  • Each token is worth $1.00
  • Each nonprofit in the Challenge will have its own gift bag in the brewing/break room at West Sixth Brewing
  • Token holders choose which nonprofit(s) to give their token(s) to and place it/them in that nonprofit’s gift bag
  • West Sixth Brewing will redeem each token for $1.00
  • We’ll announce the amount each nonprofit earned in its gift bag
  • The amount each nonprofit earns will be added to its final amount at the end of the Challenge

Smithtown Seafood will also give tokens with food purchases. Details to be announced.

Posters and GoodGiving Guides will be available at the Launch.

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