A View From the Porch (December 4, 2014)

The View from the porch this week is from June’s house.  June is in her 60s, about 5’6″ tall, with short, light hair.  Because of a health condition, she is constantly on oxygen.  June loves Santas and recently had a holiday open house for her friends.  There were Santas everywhere — on posters, hanging from the ceiling, lit by lamps.  You think you’d seen them all, and you’d look again and another one would appear.

But as much as June loves Santas, she also loves St. Agnes’ House.  Throughout the year, June brings me envelopes filled with donations from various groups and events.  Most recently, her Red Hat group took up a donation for the House.  June uses every opportunity she knows to talk about St. Agnes’ House.  She asks me to come speak to her friends and soon after, there’s a donation on its way.

You see, June knows firsthand about the importance of St. Agnes’ House.  It’s been a place of comfort for her many times over the past 15 years.  When she was in need of critical medical care, she stayed here for many weeks.  That care has allowed her to be at home.  Now she comes for medical appointments.

But I first met June when I arrived in August, 2013.  June’s husband was very sick and eventually, the doctors discovered inoperable cancer.  Her husband went to hospice here in Lexington.  While June stayed with him much of the time, she had a room here at the house.  I’d see her a couple of hours each day.  She’d come to the house to have a snack, get some coffee, pray in the chapel, and take a short nap.  Then back to the hospice she’d go.  St. Agnes’ House made those last days with her husband just a little easier.

June has become an Ambassador for St. Agnes’ House because of the comfort and care she found here….comfort and care available because of your donations.  Enjoy this view of June’s porch….

Love, Rebecca+

Thanks for all of your donations to close our funding gap for 2014.  The Good Giving Online Challenge has contributed $1,750 so far.  The challenge ends next week, Friday, December 12.  And you should have received our latest letter in the mail.  During this special season of gifts and giving, we thank you for including St. Agnes’ House on your list!

June loves Santas AND St. Agnes' House.
June loves Santas AND St. Agnes’ House.

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