A View From the Porch (December 18, 2014)

Yesterday in Corbin, I had a chance to see Santa!  But more importantly, I witnessed people caring for the people in their community.  I went to visit Corbin’s United Effort, locally known as CUE.

CUE is one of those agencies you’re lucky to have in your community.  They know about all of the services available in a community and are often the way to access those services.  CUE provides a place for people to get GED and remedial courses and then helps people access the next level in their education.  They provide access to the local food banks.  They provide that extra help with rent or utilities.  And they generally help in any way they can.

Over the past month, CUE has collected information from families for their annual Christmas gift program.  Presents are bought and lovingly wrapped.  Families come and get to see Santa and even get a photo taken.  They receive their gifts.  Then the children can pick out a gift for their parent and get a treat bag.

As one person remarked, working at CUE, you see the face of poverty.  They do the best they can with often limited resources and have great dreams of how many more people they could help with more money.

And at St. Agnes’ House, we often see the face of poverty as people are challenged to get to Lexington for the medical treatment they so desperately need or to be with their loved one who is critically ill.  Like CUE we want to meet our yearly budget and grow.

Financial growth would allow us to complete necessary repairs and upgrades to the facility.  We need to replace windows, room heaters, faucets, and flooring.  We want to provide sheets, towels, pillows, and blankets that stand up to the washings and meet hospitality standards and we want enough sets to account for the turnover of our guests.

With your support, we look into the face of poverty and offer compassion, support and relief.  We make a community of care that we all want!

Blessings to you in this special time of year.

Love, Rebecca+

Thanks Corbin's United Effort (CUE) for your love of the community!
Thanks Corbin’s United Effort (CUE) for your love of the community!

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