A View From the Porch (December 24, 2014)

Blessings at this end of Advent and beginning of our Christmas season.

Recently at St. John’s, we did a version of La Posada.  La Posada is a Christmas custom from Mexico.  The community reenacts Mary and Joseph’s challenge of finding a place to stay in Bethlehem.  The group goes from place to place, knocking on doors and asking people to let them stay.  They get refused time after time, until finding a place for shelter.  At that place, there is a big celebration and party.

La Posada. Trying to find room at the Inn.
La Posada. Trying to find room at the Inn.

At each location, there is a song that is sung, first by those seeking shelter and then by those inside who deny shelter.  At the end, of course, the group is welcomed in.

I really enjoyed this service, because I could feel just a tiny bit what it is like to have no shelter for the night.  And what a relief upon hearing that shelter was available!

That’s why St. Agnes’ House is so important and why we give thanks to all of you who support us with your prayers, your time, and your dollars.  When people are upset because they or a loved one is very ill, finding shelter and a good rest for the night can feel overwhelming.  What joy and celebration there is when they find a comfortable room at St. Agnes’ House.

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Enjoy this version of the La Posada song….

Love, Rebecca


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