A View From the Porch (January 23, 2015)

This week’s view is from the nave of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Corbin, where I am most Sundays.  This week, I’m thinking about the absolute necessity of prayer at St. Agnes’ House.

St. Agnes’ House began with prayer in the early 1970s.  People had to come to Lexington for cobalt treatments for cancer.  They’d get these radioactive treatments Monday through Friday for 6 weeks or so.  Many patients coming from Eastern Kentucky had no place to stay and camped out in the waiting room.  Can you imagine being so sick from the cancer and then from the treatment and camping out in a hospital waiting room?

So a group started to pray for a solution and when they thought about a place for people to stay, they prayed for just the right place and when they had to place on Woodland Avenue, but knew they needed something bigger, they prayed.

When they moved to Maxwelton Court, they chose one of the larger spaces to be the chapel.  When the Sisters from the Society of St. Margaret were at the House, various priests came to provide Eucharist.  The Sisters knew the ministry needed prayer and Eucharist.

When the Sisters could not longer be at the House, many Deacons came.  They, too, knew the value of prayer.  And on over the 40-year history of St. Agnes’ House, prayer has been a constant.  Prayer is at the center of our ministry.

Guests tell us they know they are being prayed for.  Many of you have a card with the prayer for St. Agnes’ House and we know you pray this prayer daily and our guests know you are praying, too.

Coming to Lexington can be a long journey for many of our guests.  In addition, they are usually coming for a medical condition that is complicated and severe.  Often our guests don’t feel well or they are so worried about their loved ones.  Sometimes, it’s hard for them to pray.  Life is very stressful.  That’s why your prayers are absolutely necessary.

Please remember all of the guests, staff, donors and volunteers at St. Agnes’ House in your prayers.  Here’s the prayer we say in the chapel each week:

O God of all life, whose presence is always with us; Receive our gratitude for Saint Agnes’ House, a place for sanctuary, and shelter, a home away from home, for people who come during difficult and uncertain times in their lives.  Nourish and sustain this ministry and give your gifts of wisdom, courage and hope to all who serve with their time, talent, treasure and prayer.  May all who enter the doors of Saint Agnes’ House be blessed by the gift of hospitality and by your peace.

In your Holy Name we pray.


Enjoy this view “from the Porch of prayer.”

Love, Rebecca+

Your generous support during 2014 provided lodging for 232 days of the year!  THANK YOU!

Families and individuals were able to stay at St. Agnes’ House during 2014, due to your kind and generous donations.  Your donations provided 63% of the budget needed for lodging people like Joanne.

Joanne was in her mid-twenties, about 5’4″ with dark hair.  Her baby was born early.  Joanne lived nearly two hours away.  She wasn’t used to Lexington and had no transportation to get around the City.  When she found St. Agnes’ House, she had her own room.  While she was at the House, Trinity Church, Covington had a work day and painted and refurbished her room.  She said it was beautiful.

Joanne could take the shuttle to the hospital for the many feedings and care for her baby.  The kangaroo care where the baby is laid on the mother’s chest is especially important to the baby’s growth and development.  Joanne found a community at the house and staff who provided a listening ear.  She was able to keep in touch with her family using the guest phone.

After three months, Joanne’s baby was ready to be discharged.  Joanne was both excited and nervous.  She had grown accustomed to the care and support at St. Agnes’ House and knew she would miss it.

Thanks for giving this new mother and her baby a great start in life!

It’s easy to give at any time…

You can send a check to St. Agnes’ House at PO Box 610, Lexington, KY, 40588 or donate online at http://diolex.org/donate/

Consider making a $10 per month pledge to St. Agnes’ House!

A number of donors have set up pledges with their bank.  They provide the bank with instructions about how much to send and when and each month St. Agnes’ House receives a check.  Your pledge of $10 per month provides assistance to a family each month of the year who cannot even afford the $10 per person charge.

Your prayers are absolutely necessary for the guests and ministry of St. Agnes' House.   Sunday Morning at St. John's Church, Corbin, KY.
Your prayers are absolutely necessary for the guests and ministry of St. Agnes’ House.
Sunday Morning at St. John’s Church, Corbin, KY.

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