A View from the Porch (February 25, 2015)

Today is loop day, the last Wednesday of the month of love. There is always a lot to celebrate even if we do see the large coat of snow covering the front yard of the house and feel the frigid temperature. It’s inspiring to see how our guests keep going back and forth to the hospitals to take care of their loved one or to go for their own treatment. Last week everything was hibernate; school cancelled, work delayed, rescheduling of meetings and other activities, no Ash Wednesday!

Keeping the faith and moving forward abide all kind of circumstances for our strangers is a perpetual litany they recite daily with a sort of grace and dignity. Some good changes; a baby got better and was released from the hospital to go home. After a long drive the father, who was very happy but looked so tired, rang the doorbell to pick up his lovely fiancée and all three went home together. You can see that beauty and pride in their faces saying we did it and now it’s time to move to the next chapter.

Because of the caring efforts of so many kind hearts, our guests are able to write that difficult chapter of their lives with some resilient ink shaping their existences in meaningful ways.  Spring is around the corner, so let’s prepare the ground with a lot of prayers, great generosity, fairness and a better future for all. What a great joy to look back and take comfort that we did the right thing by being there for these strangers. Like the best of us; the saints and spiritual masters we will rejoice by accomplishing the will of the Creator. Isn’t that the forgetting and simple mission of all of us?

  Love, Reynold

Remember or honor a loved one by your donation of $293, supporting the House for One Day! Your generous contributions to St. Agnes’ House ensure lodging is available for people facing medical crises, no matter the weather. Donations of any size are appreciated and please consider a donation of $293 to sponsor the House for 1 day in memory or in honor of a loved one. If you Donate online at http://diolex.org/donate/ make sure you choose St. Agnes’ House and then in the memo line, provide the date you’d like to sponsor and who is being remembered or honored. You can also email that information to stagneslex@gmail.com. If you donate by mail, please include a note with the date you’d like to sponsor and who is being remembered or honored. send checks to: St. Agnes’ House PO Box 610 Lexington, KY 40588 On the day you sponsor, we will feature your sponsorship on the homepage of our website, as well as in a special post that will go to those who follow us by email. We ask that you give us 4 weeks to process your request, if at all possible.




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