A View From the Porch (March 11, 2015)

Have you gotten used to the time change yet?  I haven’t been late to anything, but when left to my own internal clock, I’m going to sleep later and waking up later.  It’s so dark in the morning and the light in the evening makes me think it’s earlier than it is.

My internal clock…the one that goes by the sun…runs differently than our human-made, atomic clock, satellite driven time.  Yes, this human-made time is great for planning meetings, and catching trains and planes.

But there’s another kind of time — precious and not measured in seconds or minutes or hours.  It’s the time of memories and moments shared together.  It’s life as we live it. It’s the moments we remember.  It’s the Skype call where my grandson and I develop a totally new guessing game and my granddaughter shows me her First Communion Dress, veil and the oh so important gloves.

As so many of our guests know, time for making these memories is precious.  Life can change in an instant…an illness requiring massive life changes for months or resulting in the death of a loved one and the subsequent mourning and readjustment.  When you support St. Agnes’ House with your prayers, your in-kind donations and with your money you ease these sudden time changes.

I’ll eventually adjust to this Daylight Savings Time change.  But more importantly, I pray that all of us never take for granted the precious, precious time making memories with those we love.

Love, Rebecca+

Make sure 9 families have rooms for one night!  Just $293 Sponsors the House for a Day!  Choose your date!
Remember or honor a loved one by your donation of $293, supporting the House for One Day!

Your generous contributions to St. Agnes’ House ensure lodging is available for people facing medical crises, no matter the weather. Donations of any size are appreciated and a donation of $293 to sponsor the House for 1 day in memory or in honor of a loved one.  On the day you sponsor, we will feature your sponsorship on the homepage of our website, as well as in a special post that will go to those who follow us by email. We ask that you give us 4 weeks to process your request, if at all possible.

Ways sponsor a day:

  1. Donate online at http://diolex.org/donate/ Make sure you choose St. Agnes’ House and then in the memo line, provide the date you’d like to sponsor and who is being remembered or honored. You can also email that information tostagneslex@gmail.com.
  2. Donate by mail.  Please include a note with the date you’d like to sponsor and who is being remembered or honored. Send checks to: St. Agnes’ House PO Box 610 Lexington, KY 40588

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