A View from the Porch (March 25, 2015)

Two guests, David and Brandon, just finished their respective projects at the house this past week. David and his wife Elisa used to be cancer patients but with God’s power, not anymore. Even with constantly going to treatments, both of them had done a lot of repairs for our place in the past.

Cancer free, they were able to go back to their jobs and relocated to another state. Although the distance may be far, they still carry St. Agnes House close to their hearts. They knew the house was in need of a patio door and a window so they decided to buy them for us. Last Sunday David decided to shape up the back house parking lot stairs to make them look nice and also hazard free. Meanwhile, a group of volunteers, The Girls About Praise Lifegroup, from Northeast Christian Church, with former and current board members of the house, were in the back house kitchen serving a hot meal and having a fellowship with the guests.  

That afternoon while we had David in the back of the property,  Brandon was in the front working on the landscaping. We were surrounded by the power and creativity of tremendous craftsmen. Two years ago, Brandon who is a VA patient, decided to redesign the front flower bed with some beautiful rocks. Last year he brought his Ford Pick-up truck and a trailer full of rocks, all sizes, forms and colors. Going with the cycle of Nature, he adapted very well with the changes in the weather to work at his own pace. Every time he stayed with us for a medical visit in Lexington, you could see him roaming around with something: a tape measure, a pick, a shovel or pushing the wheelbarrow. At the beginning of spring, he was finally able to find enough energy to finish his project with some help from other guests, Sam and Paul. Sam is a young fellow six or seven years old from Danville visiting one of the guests whose brother is at UK. Moving big rocks may have been the hardest part of that project but another guest Paul, also a VA patient, helped with enthusiasm.  

The guests find comfort in helping each other take a break from their daily medical challenges and supporting a smooth Saint Agnes ministry. They are valued cornerstones that keep our house standing.

Happy Spring to all and prayers for Rebecca who is mourning the loss of his brother Rob.  

Love, Reynold

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Remember or honor a loved one by your donation of $293, supporting the House for One Day!

Your generous contributions to St. Agnes’ House ensure lodging is available for people facing medical crises, no matter the weather. Donations of any size are appreciated and a donation of $293 to sponsor the House for 1 day in memory or in honor of a loved one.  On the day you sponsor, we will feature your sponsorship on the homepage of our website, as well as in a special post that will go to those who follow us by email. We ask that you give us 4 weeks to process your request, if at all possible.

Ways sponsor a day:

  1. Donate online at http://diolex.org/donate/ Make sure you choose St. Agnes’ House and then in the memo line, provide the date you’d like to sponsor and who is being remembered or honored. You can also email that information to stagneslex@gmail.com.
  2. Donate by mail.  Please include a note with the date you’d like to sponsor and who is being remembered or honored. Send checks to: St. Agnes’ House PO Box 610 Lexington, KY 40588
The beautiful river rocks peeking through the snow.
The beautiful river rocks peeking through the snow.
The finished project with abundant spring!
The finished project with abundant spring!
The back steps repaired from the winter weather...
The back steps repaired from the winter weather…

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