A View from the Porch (April 8, 2015)

The flowers are blooming and the trees are beginning to bloom.  There are thunder storms and flash flood warnings.  April showers bring May flowers!

And we are busy!  The cold and snowy weather has ended and people are attending to their health needs.  And the challenges people face getting to Lexington to access excellent health care boggle my mind sometimes.  I take many things for granted.

Janie and her daughter Jeanie arrived at St. Agnes’ House this week after a circuitous 17 hour bus ride!  Janie is in her late 60s, short and thin with short light hair.  She’s supposed to have some surgery and came for pre-testing.  Jeanie accompanied her mother.  She’s in her mid 40s, medium length gray hair.  Jeanie is sight-impaired.

They must rely upon public transportation to get back and forth to the hospital.  When I think of how they’ve had to navigate in the past 24 hours, I’m tired and worn out.  Yet, I hear no words of complaint at all.

Tomorrow, I’ll see if there are some transit services Janie and Jeanie can use while they’re in town, but it still means navigating schedules and availability hours.

That’s what getting the health care you need looks like.  Because of your support, we can make the challenges a little easier.  You’ve allowed us to provide a warm, welcoming, prayerful and comfortable place for them to stay, with easy access to public transportation.

Enjoy the blooming and new life of spring and pray for our guests and the challenges they face.

Enjoy our view from the porch!

Love, Rebecca+

Provide a room for 30 nights of lodging! $810 for a single and $1,200 for a large room!
Sponsor a room for a whole month, providing 30 nights of lodging.  We’ll let everyone know you’ve given this wonderful gift…you’ve lessened their trauma.  You can donate by check to St. Agnes’ House, Diocese of Lexington, PO Box 610, Lexington, KY 40588 or online at http://www.diolex.org.

Clean and supply our 8 bathrooms! Go to http://bit.ly/1iawcJs

We are especially in need of bathroom cleaning products and supplies.  We have 8 bathrooms, after all!  We need toilet paper, hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, shower cleaner, Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner and pads, all-purpose cleaner, and cleaning wipes.  You can find these products on our Amazon Wish List.  THANKS!

Thanks Daughters of the King of Lexington for the new refrigerator!
We needed a new refrigerator and the Daughters of the King collected $330 at their spring meeting towards the cost.  The new refrigerator was delivered this week and is working well for our guests!  THANKS!

Guests appreciate the refrigerator to store their drinks and food!  Thanks! Daughters of the King!
Guests appreciate the refrigerator to store their drinks and food! Thanks! Daughters of the King!

20150408_092213 20150408_092220

The daffodils are over.  Now it's time for tulips!
The daffodils are over. Now it’s time for tulips!
...and hyacinths
…and hyacinths
But some daffodils still look great!
But some daffodils still look great!



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