Why St. Agnes’

St. Agnes’ House is needed

The United States of America has become one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. With rapidly increasing numbers of unhealthiness and worrisome health factors, Kentucky has contributed to this new growing statistic.

  • Kentucky is ranked last in the United States for deaths from cancer, smoking, and preventable hospitalizations.
  • According to the statistics, the citizens of Kentucky are in need of more accessible hospitals. Hospitals in the U.S are facing difficulties housing patients and finding the funds to cover all of the patients who need care that can’t afford it.
  • Appalachian Kentucky has the worst poverty in all of Appalachia and nearly double the national average.  However, hospital bills range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

St. Agnes’ House solve the problem of accessing the medical care people need. We provide an affordable housing option to patients being treated or making daily trips to Lexington healthcare facilities to be with their loved ones. We are not only a place to stay, but a community that provides the emotional care that hospitals and hotels do not give.

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